When is a Root Canal Treatment Procedure Necessary?

When is a Root Canal Treatment Procedure Necessary?

Jul 01, 2021

Root canal therapy is an ideal way to treat extensive tooth decay without having to remove the tooth. When you suffer from inflammation or infection-related pain in the tooth’s soft pulp,a root canal is usually the best choice to eliminate the pain and restore function. The procedure mainly involves removing the decayed tissue from the tooth.

The nerves and blood vessels in the tooth are very important because the tooth can still function normally after removing these decayed parts. The root canal is a protective procedure that you can opt for instead of extracting a tooth damaged severely by decay.

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Symptoms That Call fora Visit to the Dentist

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums near a tooth that aches may be a sign of a root canal problem. Swelling may come and go. If you have swollen gums, the gums may feel tender when you touch them. The swelling is caused by the acid waste of the dead pulp tissue, which may cause swelling outside the apical area.

Also, some pimples on your gums may predict an underlying issue. This condition is called gum boiling, parulis, or abscess, which causes pus to ooze from areas of tooth infections. This can give you an unpleasant taste and bad breath. Going for root canal treatment in New Jersey may help treat this problem.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

When you break or injure your teeth in an accident, sports, or chewing on hard objects, bacteria may enter and cause inflammation and oral infection. Even if you hurt the tooth and it did not chip or crack, the injury may still damage the tooth’s nerves. Nerves can sometimes become inflamed, causing pain and sensitivity, and may require root canal treatment.

Loose Tooth

When a tooth is infected, it may feel loose; that’s why you need to visit our dentist’s office for root canal treatment in 07652, NJ. This may be caused by factors other than pulp necrosis (neural death), but it may indicate the need for root canal treatment. The acidic waste products produced can soften the bones at the roots of dying teeth, causing tooth mobility. If more than one tooth feels loose, mobility may be the cause, in addition to other problems that may require root canal therapy.

Excruciating Pain

Having persistent tooth pain is one of the signs that you may need a root canal. The pain in your teeth may be bothering you all the time, or it may disappear sometimes, but it will always recur if you don’t get treatment. You can schedule an emergency root canal treatment in Paramus, NJ, with one of our dentists.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Cleaning the root canal

Our root canal dentist in Paramus will remove decayed parts and debris from the root canal. When the patient is under local anaesthesia, the dentist makes a small hole on the surface of the tooth and removes the dead pulp tissue using small files.

Filling the root canal

Our dentist will then clean, shape, and decontaminate the hollow area with a small file and rinsing fluid. Then, the tooth cavity is filled with a rubber-like material with adhesive glue to seal the root cavity completely. Since the nerve tissue has been removed and the infection has been eliminated, the patient will not feel any pain in the tooth.

Adding a filling or a crown

Teeth without a pulp must get nourishment from the ligaments that connect the tooth to the bone. This supply is sufficient, but the teeth will become more brittle over time, so the crown or filling can provide protection. Once the tooth crown or filling is complete, the person can use the teeth as before.

Having a natural smile with no flaws is the best smile and will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Our professional root canal specialist in Paramus is committed to providing you with high-quality dental care services.