Root Canals in Paramus, NJ

Root Canals in Paramus, NJ

Although a root canal procedure is one of the more common treatments performed in modern dentistry, you want to make sure that you choose a dentist near you in Paramus that has the experience and technology needed to ensure success.

Our doctors are specially trained in the latest technology to perform root canal treatment. Using digital technology allows our doctors to minimize patient radiation exposure. In addition, the width and length of the root canal can be measured without taking additional x-rays. If needed, we can use 3-D x rays to diagnose tooth fracture, which is often missed by using regular x-rays. This allows us to significantly reduce pain and minimize the cost of many common dental procedures.

At Paramus Park Mall Dental, we’ve performed countless root canals on patients of all ages to help them preserve their natural teeth for years to come instead of the alternative option of tooth extraction. Even if you’re experiencing dental pain from an infected tooth in Paramus, a root canal procedure from the team at Paramus Park Mall Dental is a simple one that will stop the pain after you receive treatment.

How Paramus Park Mall Dental Can Help You Save Your Smile

Even with the advances made in dental procedures and technologies, including natural-looking dental implants and dental bridges to replace a missing tooth, it’s always recommended that patients strive to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. A root canal in Paramus is one way that you can achieve that goal.

Even if you’re not experiencing any dental pain in association with your infected tooth, a root canal procedure will guarantee that you won’t experience future pain or the spread of infection into other parts of your body.

In addition to an infection, dentists may recommend a root canal in Paramus to a tooth that has a damaged filling that is too large to be replaced, or to a chipped or cracked tooth that cannot be repaired using other forms of restorative dentistry.

The Dental Care Team at Paramus Park Mall Dental is Committed to Your Healthy Smile

We know that a natural-looking smile is the best smile, and there’s never a reason to use an artificial tooth to replace a natural one unless it’s necessary. Our friendly, professional, and compassionate dental care team is dedicated to every facet of quality dental care in Paramus. If you want to learn more about how a root canal procedure can help you retain your smile without the need for more complicated dental work, we’d love to meet you and provide a treatment plan customized especially for you!