Children’s Dentistry in Paramus, NJ

Children’s Dentistry in Paramus, NJ

Paramus Park Mall Dental in Paramus is proud to provide compassionate, full-service children’s dentistry. Our goal when working with children is to create a welcoming and educational environment while providing excellent, comprehensive children’s dental care. Caring for and helping children understand what is going on can make going to the dentist less frightening for small children and help older children appreciate the importance of regularly seeing their dentists.

Our expert dental team is committed to caring for your children’s teeth in a kind and compassionate manner. Paramus Park Mall Dental dentists and hygienists will explain to children what procedures they will be performing and why so that your children understand that visiting our Paramus dental office is a positive thing. Our team will also make sure that your children leave, having learned how to effectively care for their teeth in an age-appropriate manner. We recommend that children begin to regularly visit our dental office at the age of one or after their first tooth grows in to ensure that teeth are growing properly and to clean the teeth thoroughly.

Comprehensive Children’s Dentistry

A lifetime of beautiful smiles begins with early children’s dental care. From regular check-ups and cleanings to more complex procedures and orthodontic care, our children’s dentistry team is proud to provide it all. We provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants for children to help prevent the formation or worsening of cavities. Other routine services for children include dental extractions, which can help permanent teeth erupt the right way. Caring for teeth that will fall out is important in ensuring that permanent teeth grow in properly and is therefore just as important as caring for permanent, adult teeth.

Children’s Dentistry Near You

While good oral hygiene starts at home, seeing Paramus Park Mall Dental’s dentists will ensure that your child’s smile lasts a lifetime. Our team will advise both you and your child on the proper and age-appropriate ways to care for a child’s teeth at each stage of their childhood. For more information or to start your child on their lifelong road to smiles, call our office today.