Invisalign® in Paramus, NJ

Invisalign® in Paramus, NJ

Give Your Smile the Personalized Treatment It Deserves

Many cosmetic enhancement services are becoming more available online. Whether it’s choosing a hair color or a trendier style of eyewear, technology has stepped in to remove the personalized aspect of professional care – especially when it’s most needed.

An example is the personalized professional care that our dentist in Paramus provides with Invisalign® dental aligner treatment. There is no substitute for the individualized one-on-one attention you’ll receive when you visit Paramus Park Mall Dental for your smile makeover consultation and treatment plan.

Avoid Making a Costly Mistake

There is always a margin for error when individuals self-diagnose and attempt to self-treat. You may believe that a clear dental aligner is the most cost-effective way to correct minor smile imperfections and order your aligner online. But when you visit our dentist in Paramus for a consultation, you might discover that another service such as dental veneers will accomplish your goals quicker. That’s the specialized care – and economic savings – that can only come with individualized face-to-face treatment.

Choose the Best Option for Your Smile

As one of Paramus ’s premier cosmetic dentists, Paramus Park Mall Dental is committed to providing only the best treatment options available. That’s why we offer Invisalign dental aligners – the world’s most advanced aligner treatment. While there are aligners that you can purchase online, only Invisalign aligners from Paramus Park Mall Dental provide results that are 50 percent faster than any other aligner available. Plus, the more advanced technology and materials that are used in Invisalign mean your aligners will have a better fit than other aligners on the market – and that translates to more comfort for you.

It’s Called the Invisalign Difference for a Reason

When you visit Paramus Park Mall Dental for your Invisalign consultation, our dentist will use digital imaging to craft your new smile instead of the messy goops that other aligners require. This smile scan captures an exact 3D image of your teeth so we can fine-tune your treatment plan to meet your goals in the shortest amount of time. Between the powerful technology of Invisalign aligners in Paramus and the experience of our dentist, your new smile will receive the expertise it deserves. Make an appointment today to learn more.