7 Types of Dental Practices Performed in Children Dentistry

7 Types of Dental Practices Performed in Children Dentistry

Aug 05, 2021

In your household, you do not have to be the only one who excels in dental health. Children too, have different dental care needs that have to be addressed in good time for them to excel in their oral health. Remember, as your child grows up, their oral needs continue to change and advance. In that case, it may be overwhelming to do all the dental practices necessary for them to sustain good oral health. It is why you need the assistance of a dentist in pediatric dentistry.

​What Is Children Dentistry?

Children’s dentistry in Paramus can be defined as a speciality of dentistry that caters to both preventive and restorative oral needs of children. In a children’s dental office, you will not find a dentist that treats the issues of adults. Instead, right from dental exams to diagnosis and treatment, children’s dentistry in NJ only attends to the needs of children between infancy and adolescence. Therefore, regardless of whether your child has teeth yet or not, you should be able to take them in for their first dental visit in children’s dentistry in 07652.

​Common Dental Procedures in Pediatric Dentistry

When you first walk into a dental office for children, you may not quite know what you want your child to receive. Different oral practices and procedures are done in children’s dentistry to ensure that every oral need that a child may have is taken care of effectively. It is why the dental procedures differ from each other, some being preventive while others being restorative. The common procedures include:

  1. Dental exam – an oral exam is the most basic and primary service offered in any speciality of dentistry. It is a dentist’s way of identifying the oral needs you may have by examining the state of your oral cavity. It is why dental exams are common across the board, regardless of whether it is in a children’s dental office or not.
  2. Dental cleanings – if you want to boost your kid’s oral hygiene, the best way is to take them to a dental office for their first dental cleaning session. Such a session entails thorough teeth brushing and flossing done by a dental hygienist. The goal of such is to get rid of plaque and bacteria even in the hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Fluoride treatment – it is a treatment that involves enriching the teeth with fluoride, a natural mineral that helps to strengthen teeth. Fluoride treatment is administered to children’s teeth because they need the extra reinforcement to sustain strong and healthy teeth. The fluoride varnish applied to teeth also plays a big role in protecting teeth against dental cavities.
  4. Dental sealants – they are oral materials used on the back teeth of kid’s oral cavities. The sealants are plastic-like, mimicking traditional dental fillings. When used, dental sealants create a barrier on the cusps and pits of the back teeth. This barrier thing protects the teeth from bacteria in plaque that cause infection, including dental decay.
  5. Extraction procedures – children may need to have one or more of their teeth extracted as they grow older. Sometimes the focus of the extraction process is to get rid of stubborn baby teeth to create room for adult teeth that want to erupt. In other cases, an extraction process may be done as a way to create room in the mouth of the child for teeth to align properly.
  6. Orthodontics – is a term used to refer to all the dental procedures performed with the primary purpose of straightening teeth. Orthodontic treatments are encouraged for children because they have a higher success rate when done early. In that case, your child may have to wear braces at an early age to help them maintain straight and beautiful teeth even as they grow older.
  7. Emergency dental care – children’s dentistry in Paramus, NJ, cannot Overlook the place of emergency dental care for children. Kids are at great risk of encountering oral emergencies as they grow up. Usually, for kids, emergencies happen as a consequence of dental traumas and injuries. As such, a dentist in children’s dentistry near you will best be fitted to treat the dental problems with the kind of urgency they deserve.