Mar 01, 2022

One of the significant benefits of getting professional teeth whitening from Paramus Park Mall Dental is that you do not need to worry about poor dental treatment. Our dental patients must always get effective treatment with optimum protection from complications. That is because we practice professional teeth whitening. Read on to find out more about this procedure.

Teeth whitening procedure is a simple and non-intrusive way of whitening and brightening your teeth. It requires the application of teeth whitening products on the teeth to brighten their colors and remove stains. Teeth whitening can either be done professionally or at home. Professional teeth whitening is the one you get at a dentist’s office by a qualified dentist trained to perform various dental treatments, including teeth whitening procedures. It is the most effective and safest way to whiten your teeth.

The teeth whitening products often sold outside your dentist’s approval or at the store are less effective. Also, studies have proven people who perform teeth whitening by themselves have a higher risk of experiencing teeth sensitivity and gum irritations or other risks.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting Professional Teeth Whitening From A Dentist Near You?

  1. Professional teeth whitening is more effective and provides a faster result than teeth whitening done at home.
  2. They are more reliable and don’t require reapplication until 3-6 months later. Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products that require reapplication more than 2 -3 times before they show results, professional teeth whitening is more durable. It provides results after a single dental appointment.
  3. Professional teeth whitening is safer. You can relax on the chair and allow your experienced dentist do the procedure for you without having to worry about risks or complications. Your dentist would have prevented all possible risks as your safety is also a priority to the dentist.
  4. You can get different whitening options from your dentist. It all depends on their assessment of your teeth which will tell them the best action. Your dentist can intensify the brightness of your teeth by using other advanced teeth whitening products.
  5. Professional teeth whitening can increase your self-confidence. You can feel good knowing that you got your teeth whitened properly by a qualified and skillful dentist. It would spare you the doubts you might develop if you performed the teeth whitening yourself at home.

What To Expect From Professional Teeth Whitening In Paramus, NJ?

Now that you have understood the benefits of professional teeth whitening, you are probably considering getting your teeth whitened professionally. On the scheduled day of your teeth whitening procedure, your dentist in Paramus, NJ, would put you through the necessary protocols.

First, your dentist would conduct a dental check-up to examine your teeth, inspect the stains’ severity, and confirm what could be triggering the stains. After your teeth examination, the teeth whitening procedure will begin. Next, your dentist would perform a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartars inside your teeth. They will use some dental equipment to scrape out the plaques and other materials to wash and clean the teeth thoroughly.

After teeth cleaning, you will get a protective shield that looks like a mouth guard to keep the teeth whitening gel from spilling on your gums and other areas that could be irritated by it.

Your dentist will put the teeth whitening gel on your teeth once they determine that all potential hazards and issues are gone.

After applying the teeth whitening gel, the dentist will beam a UV light on your teeth to allow the teeth whitening gel to enter the teeth correctly. Next, they would rinse your teeth, and in some cases, your dentist might apply fluoride to prevent you from experiencing tooth sensitivity.