Top 6 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crown

Top 6 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crown

May 01, 2021

One of the greatest inconveniences in life is having to wait in line until it’s your turn. The stakes are higher when you have to wait your turn to receive medical assistance. When you do not have a dental emergency, you have to exercise patience when you visit a dental office.

With some treatments like getting dental crowns, even after making one appointment, you will need another one to complete the procedure. This is because of the lengthy process involved in preparing dental crowns before installing them. However, thanks to solutions like same-day crowns in Paramus, NJ, all you need is a single appointment to get your teeth treated.

What Are Same-Day Dental Crowns?

They are tooth-shaped shell-like oral appliances designed to repair and restore the strength of teeth. They are similar to typical dental crowns, the only difference being that they are prepared and installed in one single appointment.

Typically, traditional dental crowns take several days to be prepared, since they are molded based on the impressions of your mouth. The processes may take a couple of days, before your dentist near Paramus, NJ, calls you in for the last session to install the oral crowns.

How Do Same-Day Crowns Work?

The design of same-day crowns near you is not that different from that of traditional dental crowns. The only difference is in how they are manufactured, cutting down on the downtime of the creation process. Your attending dentist will use an intraoral camera and computer-aided designs, to create 3D images of your teeth in preparation for the crowns. This is the first model of the crown.

Once the model is prepared, the dentist will employ the use of a CEREC machine to create perfectly fitting same-day crowns near Paramus, NJ. All this process is completed within the same dental visit. When the crowns are completed, the dentist will install them on your mouth and clear you to leave. The treatment should be complete in a little over 90 minutes or so, during your appointment.

What Makes Same-Day Dental Crowns Worth It?

It is not enough to trust your friend or dentist about how incredible same-day crowns in 07652 are. Learning more about the benefits of these types of crowns is the best way to show you the worth of your dental investment. Some of the advantages thereof are:

  • Saves on time – if you have a busy life, you do not have two or three days to spare for dent treatments. With same-day crowns, all you need is to spare an hour or two to get your treatment and resume your life. Besides, there is little to no downtime with this procedure, which further adds to the benefits of these dental crowns.
  • You won’t need temporaries – with traditional dental crowns, before the impressions of your teeth are taken to create the crowns, the enamel of your damaged tooth is trimmed. While your crowns are being created, the dentist has to place a temporary oral crown on the trimmed tooth, to protect it until your dental crown is ready. The case is different with same-day crowns. Since your crowns are created within a few minutes, you will not need temporary crowns.
  • They feature high-quality ceramic – same-day dental crowns are created with precision since they are not meant to be temporary crowns. Therefore, you can trust the quality of the material used to create the crowns, sparing you from issues like irritation of the gums after a while.
  • They fit like a glove – the computer-aided technique used to create same-day crowns works meticulously and precisely to capture every detail of your tooth contours. This means that the result is a dental crown that fits your tooth perfectly.
  • They look better than the typical dental crowns – right down from the fit of the crowns to the quality of the material used, same-day dental crowns look and feel better in your mouth. You don’t even have to worry about the black lines along your gum lines, which are common with traditional dental crowns.
  • They are more comfortable – because of high precision when creating them, same-day dental crowns are more comfortable. They will not feel bulky or put unnecessary pressure on adjacent teeth, all of which equates to a comfortable dental solution.