Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Jan 01, 2022

The teeth are those whitish hard structures in the mouth that aid chewing of food (biting, tearing, chewing, and grinding) for easy digestion, production of speech, and pronunciation of words, and are responsible for the shape of the face and support of the jawbone. The teeth at eruption above the gum line are of the perfect size, length, structure, and color without diseases or conditions that affect the enamel and teeth development. The teeth, apart from the functions they perform, add aesthetic value to the face; therefore, it is essential to retain their size, length, structure, and, most notably, color.

The teeth upon their first eruption above the gum line are very white as a result of the thinner enamel they possess. If maintained, these teeth will be white till they fall off at about age six or seven. When the milk teeth fall off, they are replaced with a set of stronger teeth that possess thicker enamel, known as permanent teeth. The thicker enamel the permanent teeth have makes them not as white as the milk teeth. However, this does not reduce their aesthetic value. The teeth can become stained over a long period due to improper care, accidents, etc., and this is known as tooth discoloration.

Several reasons cause tooth discoloration, but the most common cause is the buildup of stains from the foods and drinks we eat and drink. The teeth possess pores (tiny holes) like the skin, which absorb the color of the foods and drinks taken in the mouth. The buildup of these stains in the teeth causes the teeth to lose their natural color and take a brown or yellow color. Another cause of tooth discoloration is tobacco. Smoking, chewing, or inhaling tobacco can lead to brown or yellow stains on the teeth. Other causes of discoloration include dental plaques, some medications, some diseases, environmental factors like excessive fluoride in water causing fluorosis, etc.

The stains on the teeth cause them to look irritating and damage your smile. Apart from the adverse effects on aesthetics, discolored teeth also have some actual dental and medical problems they cause. Discolored tooth encourages the accumulation of dental plaques and tartar, which stain the teeth. This also leads to tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis, and other health issues. Discolored teeth can also contain cavities (tiny holes) that destroy the structure of the teeth. Tooth discoloration does your oral health no good and all bad; therefore, it must be reversed. Fortunately, the natural color of the teeth can be restored through a dental procedure known as teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening in Paramus, NJ is a dental procedure through which the existing color of the teeth is lightened or whitened with the aid of bleaching chemicals. There are various methods through which this can be achieved. These include teeth whitening strips, toothpaste, OTC DIY home whitening kits, natural whitening, professional whitening, etc. However, the best way to whiten your teeth is through a professional whitening procedure with a dentist in Paramus, NJ. This is to ensure professionalism, efficiency and to reduce risks to the barest minimum.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

The safest way to get your teeth whitened is through a professional teeth whitening procedure with a dentist near you.

Other parts of the mouth, like the tongue and lips, are covered with a protective gel to prevent them from coming in contact with the bleaching chemical. After this is done, the bleaching agent that contains 15-35% hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. While teeth whitening procedures are primarily painless, your dentist might still administer anesthesia. The bleaching agent might be reapplied as many times as your dentist deems fit. With zoom teeth whitening, the dentist employs unique lamps to speed up the whitening procedure. With laser whitening, a laser is used to quicken the reaction of the whitening gel.

The result of these is a set of sparkling white teeth. With proper maintenance, the effects of whitened teeth can last for a long time.

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